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Daniel Lövquist
2 min readSep 22, 2020

— A smart list of living, entrepreneurship, traveling, music, individuals, literature, gadgets and more.


I love music and listen to all kinds of music. I go by the principle let the mood set the tone 🎶

Here’s my Spotify profile





Healthy food — Eat your greens. Base rule number 1

Also enjoy delicious foods and drinks 🍦🥂 —I’m a master in that! 😛

Workout! Find your passions and mix them in your work life balance. I have set various activity goals to push my training. For instance OCR races like Tough Viking/Spartan and snowmobile free-riding in Canada with the worlds best sledders.

Set small and big goals for your dreams and ambitions. Both hands on practical goals but also intellectual goals. It’s equally important to stimulate and continuously enhance your mind! I always keep an open mind and always seek to learn new things. And of course, be mindfull and appreciate 🧘🏼‍♂️


Bill Gates (Bill & Melinda Gates foundation 🙏🏻)

John Hagel


I love reading biographies and inspirational books. The works of Walter Isaacson are great and books like


One of my favorite books of all time: Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson. If you consider when it is written, it is probably the most visionary and influential SciFi piece of literature ever…

Some other notable books, Shamaran.


Christopher Nolan

Quentin Tarantino


Macbook + iPhone + Airpods = 👌🏻

GoPro -Best action camera

Soundboks -Enjoy real BASS with this Beast!


I was raised with a traveling mom & dad and visited many not so usual touristy countries during my upbringing. These experiences have learnt me a lot about cultures and people, and inspired me to be humble.